Musical and Dancing Fountain

We provide design and execution services of musical and dancing fountains in custom sizes from small indoor musical fountains to large commercial musical fountains

Flowmaster Jopic
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Musical / Dancing Fountains capture imagination and bring magical experience to any viewer. Proven crowd pleaser, Musical / Dancing Fountain is an excellent addition to your business that will continue to draw customers for years to come. Beautifully sparkling colored jets of water dance to any musical beat for your enjoyment, or may be pre-programmed for a special event. Musical fountains also function as regular water feature for your pleasure in the daytime. Often called by viewers “Sparkling Water play” Musical Dancing Fountain is something people talk about and remember for a long time. Click Here  for Project List

Types of Musical Fountain

flowmasterJopic uses latest computer, hydraulic, mechanical and lights technology of an impeccable quality. Musical dancing Fountains vary in size from small 5’ to grand 150’+. Suitable for indoors or outdoors uses.Install them in palaces, club, hotels, banquet halls, ponds, marinas etc. They may be self-contained or designed to fit any particular area or an existing pool.
Musical Fountains are typically installed in one of three ways:

1- Portable Musical Fountain

Portable Musical Fountain (5′ dia ) can be installed in

  1. patio
  2. drawing room
  3. Banquet Hall
  4. Lobby

2- Indoor Musical & Dancing Fountain

Indoor Musical & Dancing Fountain (30′ X 15′ or 25′ X 10′) can be installed in

  1. Restaurant
  2. Banquet Hall
  3. Behind the stage
  4. Indoor swimming pool
  5. Shopping centers

3- Outdoor Musical & Dancing Fountain

Outdoor Musical & Dancing Fountain (40′ X 20′ or 30′ X 15′ or 25′ X 10′ can be installed in

  1. Park
  2. Roundabout
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Mobile Container


  Electro – Mechanical Installation

Usually our complete musical fountain consists of

  1. Electronic operating console
  2. High quality nozzles and jets in great variety of patterns
  3. Submersible lights, also available with color filters
  4. Submersible or dry pumps
  5. valves and motors
  6. Piping system
  7. Cables
  8. Warranty

musical_fountain_flowmasterjopic_1     electro mechanical installation     electro mechanical installation