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We deal in all kind of swimming pool equipment, Sauna SPA and Sprinkler System

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about us

About us

flowmasterJopic was established in 1995. With the vast experience of customer satisfaction,  flowmasterJopic has became the leading company of its kind in Pakistan.We offers a complete service ranging from design and execution of Fountains, Landscaping, Musical and automatic Dancing Fountains, Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools, SPA Equipments, Waterfalls , water games, etc., backed up by a comprehensive maintenance service.

We also deal in pool chemicals, filters, heaters, pumps, pipe fittings, diving board, maintenance kit, pool slides, Sauna, mosaic tiles, fountain equipment and pool ladder along with complete installation and refurbishment of existing pools.

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Our services includes design and execution of swimming pool , fountains , landscaping , waterfall, water slides / water games and we are the largest supplier and dealer of all kind of swimming pool equipment , fountain equipment, Sauna and sprinkler system in Pakistan.

Commercial Swimming Pools

flowmasterJopic is pioneer swimming pool service provider in Pakistan. Our services includes swimming pool designing, swimming pool construction and we also provide consultancy service for commercial swimming pool. We deal in all kind of commercial pool of various sizes along with mosaic tiles floor & Jacuzzi according to the requirement of the client.
We have designed and executed many commercial swimming pools in clubs, parks, restaurants across Pakistan , like

and many more…

 more details about commercial swimming pool


Residential Swimming Pools

We deal in all kind of residential pool of various size, shape or design. Our services includes swimming pool designing, swimming pool construction, swimming pool maintenance and we also provide consultancy service for residential swimming pool. flowmasterJopic has designed and executed numerous of residential swimming pool in Pakistan. Some of them are following:

and many more…

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Musical & Dancing Fountain

flowmasterJopic is proud to be the first company to introduce Musical and Dancing fountains in Pakistan . Some of our projects are following:

more details about musical and dancing fountains


Indoor and Outdoor Fountain

We deal in all kind of indoor and outdoor fountains of various shapes and designs. Fountains can boost the beauty of your home, office, shopping mall or park..etc and can help in providing a pleasant and refreshing sight to the eyes.
Our indoor and outdoor fountains can be found at numerous of places including parks, shopping malls, houses. Some of our projects are following:

and many more..

more details about indoor & outdoor fountain


Water Slides & Water Games

 Water games are the new addition in the flowmasterJopic family. Our water games product list includes water slides, water tubes , water umbrellas etc. which are specially designed for commercial water parks.

Our recent project is Aqua Land Water Park, Faisalabad(Pakistan) 

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Our premium landscaping services can bring life to your gardens at house or offices. We provide design and execution services of waterfall, Gazebo, patio, pond and fountains to give a pleasant and attractive look to your lawn / Garden at home, office, restaurant and parks. We also deal in sprinkler and irrigation system of best brand like RainBird in Pakistan

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We deal in all kind of swimming pool equipment ( i.e. pool heater, skimmer, sand filter, pump, pool ladder, diving board, underwater lights, chemicals, filters, pumps, pipe fittings, maintenance kit, pool toys etc. ) , Sauna room, Sauna Heater,Jacuzzi, Sprinkler and irrigation System and other products..

We supply swimming pool equipment and Fountain equipment to all the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc. and are trained to the highest standard. So whatever the requirement is; we can provide the best quality products and services.

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Pool Equipment

Complete range of pool equipment, maintenance kit, pool chemicals, pump, sand filter, skimmer, pool grating, underwater lights  etc. are available..


Sprinkler & Irrigation System

Complete range of imported Sprinkler and Irrigation system




 Sauna Equipment & Accessories

Complete range of Sauna Room, Sauna heater and Jacuzzi

 Mosaic Tiles

Complete range of designs and patterns of  Mosaic Tiles for pool , wall or floor


Fountain Equipment

Complete range of fountain nozzles




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