Pool Maintenance Kit

We deal in complete range of swimming pool maintenance kit for residential and commercial pool

Flowmaster Jopic

pool maintenance-kit

Pool Maintenance Kit is great for keeping your pool in top condition all year round. With a lightweight aluminium pole and interchangeable vacuum skimmer heads you’ll be able to always rid your pool of debris, leaves and dirt. Flowmaster Jopic deals in complete range of maintenance kit for residential and commercial swimming pool.

Pool Backwash Hose

pool backwash-hose

  1. Perfect for backwashing and filter cleaning
  2. Compatible with most pools
  3. Corrosion-resistant


3-piece telepole

  1. Anodized aluminum won’t rust or corrode
  2. Adjusts between 5′ and 15′
  3. Extra-thick hand grip

Triangular vacuum head


  1. For fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools
  2. Triangular shape easily cleans corners

Wall Brush

wall brush

  1. Thick nylon bristles for heavy-duty cleaning
  2. Durable plastic body

Leaf Rake

Leaf Rake

  1. Extra-large leaf grabbing bag
  2. Super-strong
  3. Lightweight

Leaf Skimmer

leaf skimmer

  1. Rugged
  2. Lightweight

Concrete Vacuum head

concrete vacum head

  1. For in-ground concrete pools
  2. Extra-wide 14″ vacuum head

Vinyl Liner Vacuum Head

liner vacuum head

  1. Cleans vinyl pools
  2. Heavy weight

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